Best Business Plan Books to Read: How to Write a Business Plan

Best Business Plan Books

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This book teaches anyone how to write a business plan.

In the world of entrepreneurship, Business plan books are a critical tool which often get overshadowed by the excitement of groundbreaking ideas and innovative concepts. A business plan has the potential to transform ideas into enterprises worth tens of millions. The value of one extends even further, as it can also serve as a gatekeeper, saving you invaluable time and resources.

Brandon is an accomplished entrepreneur with a large track record of success and a wealth of experience. Everything included in this book Brandon has used to develop his own business plans, allowing him to achieve success in his ventures. Brandon has not only used this strategy himself but has also taught it to more than 1,500 students. His expertise and insights are now written down into a concise, reader-friendly book which gives you all the tools needed to navigate the barriers of entrepreneurship.

This book isn’t just any other book about business plans. It stands out with its simplicity and effectiveness. Written in a style that’s easy to grasp, it takes you on a journey from the spark of an idea to a fully-fledged, actionable business plan. In fact, the process is so streamlined that you could conceivably complete it during a cross-country flight, transforming the hours in the air into a productive planning session.

Who benefits from this book?

The answer is a diverse number of individuals who are interested in building a business plan or refining and perfecting what they already have.

Book Benefits for Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

If you’ve had an idea for a business, this book will help you channel your vision into a structured plan of action.

Book Benefits for Established Business Owners:

Annually making adjustments to your business plan can be a difficult task. With the book’s straightforward template, making these revisions becomes a manageable endeavor, facilitating strategic decision-making.

Book Benefits for Product or Service Launches:

For new businesses which provide new services to the market, the book offers a clear roadmap to ensure a successful launch.

Book Benefits for Intrapreneurs in Corporate Settings:

Even within large corporations, innovation needs a structured approach. This book has the tools necessary for intrapreneurs to make new business units or manage product/service divisions in an effective way.

What sets this business plan book apart from other books?

This book is set apart from other books in that it has the ability to cut through barriers and guide you through the process of making your business plan step-by-step. It is made of 11 professionally designed slides, each containing a clear easy-to-use template. An added bonus is that you can even download these templates, making the process smooth and convenient.

His expertise are proven by his journey. From pioneering the Internet’s potential in 1996 by founding Worldwide Angler, Inc., to navigating the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship and investment, Brandon has written about his experiences into this brilliant book. His visionary approach culminated in two successful exits and various other endeavors, further proving him as a sought-after speaker and entrepreneur.

Presently, Brandon leads File Finder, an app designed to simplify the hunt for misplaced files. His passions extend beyond technology as he is also a dedicated cyclist who rides the California coast.

In a world where innovation is abundant and time is of the essence, using a well-crafted business plan in your business is no longer optional—it is strategically imperative. Brandon’s business plan book offers not only a step-by-step guide but a transformational tool that can steer your entrepreneurial journey towards unprecedented success. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a business owner, or an intrapreneur, this book is your map to guide you through your business. This helps you turn ideas into tangible, lucrative ventures.


  • MBA from the UNC, Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School
  • Masters in Psychology from Washington College (Psi Chi National Honor Society)
  • BA in Psychology from Washington College (President of the Psi Chi National Honor Society, Honors Thesis, NCAA Sportswriter Scholarship)
  • Post Graduate work at Stanford University
  • Certified Expert Tiny Habits Coach – B.J. Fogg